Whew! Michael and I are finally (somewhat) settled in our new home at 89 Winchester. We have been very fortunate for mostly warm weather in this first month of the year. Michael and the animals have been here since mid-November, while I arrived on the 28th of December. From Earnest Farms, he brought 2 Highland cows, a calf, three Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats (in milk now) and a flock of 50 laying hens. Since moving we have acquired a buck, Luther, who is also a Nigerian Dwarf. 

The view out of our attic window is quite beautiful. My desk faces the window, so I am able to watch the snow (or rain--in January in NH!!) fall as I work. Much of the work we are doing right now is sedentary; we sit in front of the computer for most of the day, except to go out and take care of the animals or go to market. There is a seed plan to finish, and so much CSA advertising to do! I am trying to stay utterly focused on our goals and keep my head up high, as starting a farm business is proving overwhelming, to say the least. Our animals, the potential of this land, and our ability to work together is helping me get through this tough time of year (and laugh a lot in the process).

Off to finish this website, and I cannot wait! Take care, stay dry, and hope to see you soon.