Exciting Changes for Mad Radish in 2017

Well, it has been one whole year since I have written a blog post..ah!  Mad Radish experienced some pretty big changes during its inaugural growing season of 2016. We now call Four Winds Farm in Peterborough our home. We are working with the Holmes family who raise grass-fed milk, beef and lamb, along with pastured pork and eggs. Due to this new partnership, along with both labor and financial constraints of our small-scale livestock enterprises, we have decided to largely phase out the animal presence at Mad Radish.  In 2017, we will be growing more vegetables for more markets in Peterborough and the greater Monadnock region. We are also newly Certified Naturally Grown, which we hope will be a way we can better communicate our growing practices to our CSA members and market customers. 

What is a farm without animals though, right?! That's how we feel. We aren't getting rid of critters all together! So the second part of our vision for Mad Radish includes a micro goat dairy. We plan to expand our goat herd to produce grass-fed milk and (eventually) yogurt and cheese. We will also continue to have our grass-fed beef and lamb for sale in 2017, but are phasing out both operations for the immediate future. 

We have exciting new CSA share options this year, including both a Market-Style share and a Farm Store share at Four Winds. Details can be found on the CSA page of this site. If you prefer the traditional CSA share option, we offer both an on-farm pick up twice weekly, and deliveries to Keene and Peterborough farmers' markets. 

And, finally, the most exciting news of all....we will be having our Second Annual Mad Radish Open House on Sunday, May 14th, at 3pm! Take a short farm tour, hang out with the goats, and grab a bite to eat with us. Bring a side dish or drink to share, and we will cook up some farm foods too. There will be a few surprise raffles -- last year we raffled off a CSA share! -- so don't miss it!!


Compost destined for the hoophouse...

Michael and Meg try out a new seeder for lettuce mix.

Garlic might be the best picture of Spring.


New goat babies at the farm.

Spring, is that you?!

WOW it is so warm, it feels like spring is actually here!! I shouldn't speak too soon. But, the forecast looks promising. It's about that time to get the laying hens out to pasture. First, they need a home, so Michael was hard at work yesterday on the chicken coop...


The chickens are in no hurry to move in, however...

They are enjoying their fenceless freedom (but those days are numbered!)

We are also seeing the first seedlings emerge in the greenhouse...along with some huge "micro"greens....

Tiny cilantro!

Arugula, beet...ready to cut!

And it is supposed to get to almost SEVENTY today! I better get to work in the hoophouse. 

It's the best time of all to sign up for our CSA! We are accepting payment for a limited number of egg shares right now as well. Reserve your dozen to pick up with your veggies! Please check out our CSA page, madradishcsa.com/csa !

Be well and enjoy,


Some Mad Radish Numbers...

Well, January is coming to a close, unbelievably. I've got numbers in my head this Monday, and I thought I would share a few with you...

14.....crops still to finish in the seed plan, including RADISHES!

6......varieties of radishes we plan to grow in 2016

12....chocolate bars consumed this month (this one is a bit concerning...)

34....degrees outside as I write this

4....freezers full of meat as of this month!

87....pancakes eaten by us and friends who have visited (if you come in the winter, we will cook for you)

1....pair of glasses broken (Michael's)

3....bowls of milk spilled during milking (arrrghhh!)

38...donations we received from our gofundme campaign!

Michael and I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our campaign and all of our family and friends who continue to support us in this journey. We are so appreciative and would not be here without all of you.

See you soon! 


there are three left...

Finishing the seed plan, delayed by an intense bout of CSA marketing

Our friends at Sunny Hill Farm in Randolph, VT

A rainy January

Whew! Michael and I are finally (somewhat) settled in our new home at 89 Winchester. We have been very fortunate for mostly warm weather in this first month of the year. Michael and the animals have been here since mid-November, while I arrived on the 28th of December. From Earnest Farms, he brought 2 Highland cows, a calf, three Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats (in milk now) and a flock of 50 laying hens. Since moving we have acquired a buck, Luther, who is also a Nigerian Dwarf. 

The view out of our attic window is quite beautiful. My desk faces the window, so I am able to watch the snow (or rain--in January in NH!!) fall as I work. Much of the work we are doing right now is sedentary; we sit in front of the computer for most of the day, except to go out and take care of the animals or go to market. There is a seed plan to finish, and so much CSA advertising to do! I am trying to stay utterly focused on our goals and keep my head up high, as starting a farm business is proving overwhelming, to say the least. Our animals, the potential of this land, and our ability to work together is helping me get through this tough time of year (and laugh a lot in the process).

Off to finish this website, and I cannot wait! Take care, stay dry, and hope to see you soon.